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    2. Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

      Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

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      Flexi - skylight tube

      Flexi - skylight tube Flexi - skylight tube Flexi - skylight tube
      Product name:Flexi - skylight tube

      Lighting dome, flashing, light tube, fixed ring, decorative ring and diffuser composed a whole set of the SPARKLITE 
      light tube system. The upper lighting dome absorbs the sunshine sufficiently, after been reflected and enhanced by
      the high reflected light tube and guided to the diffuser; the diffuser spread the light to any angle of the space; 
      this is how the system works. It is a miracle item warm in winter while cooler in summer which makes sure the heat 
      and cool air stay inside and also prevent unwelcomed air outdoor. This system ended the electronic indoor 
      illumination situation instead of pure natural light. It is a power saving, environmentally peaceful system which 
      guarantees 12 years warrantee.


      As a high efficient, simple install, low cost system, SPARKLITE light well system can install at any place
      (flat roof, slope roof) like 

      Public facilityshopping mall, supermarket, indoor gym, exhibition hall, zoom, museum;

      Industrial building: large scale factory, store,

      Military facility: aircraft hangar, maintenance base, equipment warehouse, tunnel;

      Civil construction: airport terminal, underground waiting hall, parking lots, school, hospital, 
      government office building, restaurant, residential house, hotel, motel, distribution center, 
      agriculture plant center, breeding center etc.

      Available size : 280mm diameter, 400mm and 550mm diameter.

      How many efficiency can the spark lite day lighting system bring?

      Economical benefit: electric power saving and reduce air condition’s using, 2-3 years you can recover the cost while the using life is about 25 years, no maintenance cost. The dome on roof
      can self-cleaning by rain water.

      Healty benefit:Scientific studies proves that natural light has better visual effects and phschonogical effect.
      It can improve the indoor environment and enhance body health.

      Environmental peaceful: natural light been spreaded soft and even, no twinkle, no dizzle light, no pollution, 
      and filter harmful rays which helps to protect the human being’s health.

      Fashion: good appearance, creat low energy, high comfortable working, living and entertainment environment. 
      It’s perfect cooperation between nature and artificial constructure.


      Our mission is to bring more natural light to your space, no eltra maintenance. Much more sufficient
      sunlight or daylight will bring you more happiness and health.

      1: Offers more security, happy living and working environment.
      2: Reduce imployyee absent time
      3: Reduce eyestrain and lower near sightedness.
      4: Increase presious Vitamin D which can stengthen bone, teeth and muscle.
      5: Average 10 hours daylighting everyday. So there are about 3650 hours free light to enjoy which saves tens
      of thousands watt electric power.
      6: Reduce about 10-30ton carbon dioxide emission every 1000 square meter.
      7: About 2-4years you can recover cost(ups to use), 2-4 years later there will no electric power cost expenses 
      in the daytime.
      8: Best invest choice and save vast energy. 3-4 times effciency more than the traditional skylight, and about 2-3
      times speeded than the solar panel’s payback.
      9: No eltra cost for warm up or cooling.
      10: Compact design, no heavy roof carring.

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