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    2. Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

      Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

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      PMMA domes

      PMMA domes PMMA domes PMMA domes
      Product name:PMMA domes
       BANFU light shade by thermoplastic acrylic/polycarbonate film.Pervious to light, not easy to break, lightweight, 
      saving energy etc. Characteristics. 
      And can design according to customer requirements of different shape and color.
      In the market at present most of the light shade adopts acrylic fiber materials, we strongly recommend the use of 
      polycarbonate material, this is because:

      1, according to German DIN18032 throwing ball test, the impact strength of polycarbonate material for 15 to 20 
      times that of ordinary acrylic materials, that is the same thickness is 250 times that of the common glass, have
      the effect of the bulletproof.

      2, the unique light weight and high strength allows the design with the least amount of material support.
      3, ultraviolet resistant layer of polycarbonate material, completely will potentially harmful uv filters out, within the 
      scope of the visible spectrum, according to the thickness of the film and color, mask by 88% of the light, 
      by preventing the dazzling light, create a comfortable living space.


      Nice appearance, unique shape, pervious to light quality, easy to install.
      2. It is not easy broken, the extent of the PC board is almost unbreakable, safe and reliable, impact resistant ability 
      is 250 times of the same glass.

      3. Save energy - summer heat insulation and winter heat preservation, heat insulation efficiency between 7% and 
      25% higher than the same thickness of glass.

      4., light in weight, save transportation, unloading, installation and support framework cost.As 50% of the thickness
      of the glass.

      5. High sound insulation, noise isolation, than the same thickness of glass and organic glass has a better sound insulation.
      6. Flexible, flexible design, simple installation, can be cold bending and hot bending.
      7. Difficult combustio 
       sex - provide fire safety, don't release during burning gas, evacuated after fire。

      This series of light shade from the structure of the form can be divided into
      three forms:

      1, the spherical body: dome spherical, arch type light shade, with multiple elastic sphere structure, impact resistant 
      performance is good.

      2.Pointed cone: pointed cone type pyramid light shade, angular, ridge, suitable for door head canopy and other occasions.
      3, polyhedron: alien structure, according to customer's requirements, modelling beautiful generous.

                         dome skylight shade custom shape


       We have thermoforming, engraving, laser cutting, cold bending equipments and coextrusionequipments for special-shaped products, we can process PC/PMMA sheet

      further procession and thermoforming according to the requirements of customers.
      The maximum size of the product processed is 2000 mm*3800mm. The co-extrusion equipm
      ent can process one side UV coated PC H profile, U profile, PC upper and down

      profile, PC crystal chips and special-shaped product.

       Product Introduction:

      1. Thermoforming: use PC/PMMA sheet to process dome skylight, lampchimney,electricity meter box lid, electricity cover, and the shapes alike.
      2. Carving products: suitable for cutting PC products, cut into square, hole drilling and other irregular shaped products, suitable for electrical appliances
      industry, visual windows, the high-precision requirement industry, the maximum processing size: 1220 *2440 mm.
      3. Laser cutting: suitable for PMMA product cutting, round shaped cutting,square cutting, drilling and other irregular products process, the maximum processing size: 1220 * 1220 mm.
      4. Cold-bending product: suitable for PC/PMMA sheet right angle bending, Tshaped corrugated tile bending, rapid production for small batch, multi-waves shaped products
      5. PC crystal chips: suitable for crystal roller shutter door.

      Product Feature:
      Light in weight, high strength, impact resistance, no breakage, bulletproof,ultraviolet ray release, good sky light performance, non-discoloring, allweather outdoor use, long time quality guarantee.

      Standard packing instruction

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