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    2. Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

      Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

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      Banfu tubular skylight brings natural light to the dark classroom.

      Author:Spencer Date:2018-12-25 9:30:44

      Many classrooms located at north, where can’t touch the natural light.
      Banfu tubular skylight can solve this problem. It can be installed from
      the side wall and guild the sunlight in the classroom. It makes the class-
      room a brand new environment. Using banfu tubular skylight system, you
      will find the natural light guided inside evenly, no dazzle and no additional
      high temperature. It protected students eyesight and didn’t make additional
      air condition cost. There is no harm to our children eyes, they can study

      smoothly in the natural light classroom like in the nature.


      No worry about the dark corner again. The students really enjoy studying in their classrooms.


      In the near future, the Banfu tubular skylight will be large scale used at education institution.

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      Skype: michellerong84