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    2. Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

      Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd

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      Contact Us

      Name: Michelle
      Mobile: 86 13825058515
      E-mail: sales@cnskylight.com
      Skype: michellerong84

      About Us



      Leading professional, committed to product innovation

      16 years focused on utilizing sunlight solve all indoor lighting lighting solution provider

      Help hundreds of millions of people to enjoy the natural, healthy, clean and energy saving of natural lighting

      Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd located at nearby of Guangzhou Baiyun airport, the former is Ely-shelter 
      building material limited located at Hongkong. 

      As a new type of roofing lighting, solar energy lighting firm, the main mission of BANFU is focus research, development, 
      production, sales and service together to support any area need us. The available product includes BANFU tubular skylight
      daylighting system, light well daylighting solution, roof window. 

      As our operation idea is Environmental peaceful lighting, pursue fashion green, hug clean life, carbon offsets, energy saving, 
      promote Low carbon economy, the BANFU guys take advantage of pure sunshine to improve the lighting situation of various 
      building which makes highly safety, better comfort of peoples living space. All the available products have got patent and flow 
      to market. 
      The BANFU guys has consistently advocated the "technology rising enterprise, energy saving country" concept, 
      taken "health for people, benefit for human society'' as own target. To response to the energy saving and low carbon policy, 
      we set up a subsidiary Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, devoted to green clean, sustainable lighting's 
      research, development, production, sales and technology enquiry, service and green lighting project improving.

      1:For years focus sunlight lighting lighting series products development and production of  -- 16 years focused
      2: the multinational imported materials equipment-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- imported equipment
      3: choose the world first-class raw materials -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- first-class raw materials
      4: ten years quality certificate in writing - -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ten years warranty
      5: the products are exported to the global market- -- -- --------- --the best-selling all over the world
      6: full range of product categories (series) - -- -- -- -- -- ----------- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --- -- --- -- - variety
      7: guidance of design and installation services- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -------- -- -- ---- ----- -- --- --free services
      8: diversification of customization, professional design team, first-class production technology -- - -- --
      diverse, professional and first-class
      9: first-class environment and global convenient land, sea and air traffic --- -- -   the environment
      10: through the CE, ISO, SGS, such as comprehensive national certification -- --  -the certificate is complete

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      Skype: michellerong84